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As the recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and our providers, children should stay up to date on their well exams and vaccines. We want our patients and families to feel safe when entering the office for their well child appointments; therefore, we have kept up and improved on our safe distancing and disinfecting procedures.

• We have separate entry and exits, and designated exam rooms and bathrooms for well and sick appointments.
• We continue to clean all shared items and surfaces, including but not limited to exam rooms, pens, clipboards, and thermometers, between patients with CDC approved cleaning products.
• Our waiting rooms are not open for seating; all patients are placed immediately into exam rooms.
• Also, we continue to require facemasks for those 2 and older and have continued to limit the amount of people entering the office.

Keeping up with well exam appointments during this time will not only help track their physical health but will also track their mental health. The drastic changes over the past year have not only been hard for parents but for the children as well. Our office remains committed to allowing your family to get the care they need while staying safe and healthy. See the links below for information on coping during these stressful times.





Why Our Patients have Chosen Us for over 40 years

  • Personalized Care
  • We Provide a “Medical Home” for our Patients
  • Calls During Office Hours are Answered by a Person
  • Same-Day Appointments for Sick Patients
  • Free 1-on-1 Doctor Consultation for Expectant Parents
  • Most Patients Find us by Word-of-Mouth


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