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Dear Patients and Parents:

In September, 1971, my wife Barbara, our children and I came to Scottsdale, Arizona. At that time, I joined Drs. Glenn Friedman and Arthur Goldberg at Papago Buttes Pediatric Center. Scottsdale was then a small but active city and it has grown incredibly since I arrived here. Our practice has also grown over the subsequent years along with Scottsdale, and I have been joined in practice by Drs. Sergio Sotelo, Scott Cannon, and Kelsey Chemelewski as well as Brittany Wilson, PA-C.

I have had the pleasure of participating in the care of our patients for over 50 years and have appreciated the privilege you have afforded me to medically care for your children. I currently have in my practice patients who are second and some who are third generation patients! It has been my absolute joy to have been able to care for your children and have been able to practice Pediatrics for over a total of 55 years (including the time prior to moving to Scottsdale).

As well as having had the joy of practicing Pediatrics, I also had the privilege of participating in the establishment of Phoenix Children’s Hospital and serving as President of its medical staff from 1990-1993. It is heart-warming to see how this hospital has grown as it has to become one of the premier Children’s Hospitals in the United States!

I recently made a decision that I have thought about a great deal and did not make lightly. As of January 1, 2022, I will be retiring from Pediatric practice at Papago Buttes Pediatric Center. I leave knowing that your children will be cared for with the highest quality of care provided by my associates. Our office has a wonderful competent staff led by our office administrator, Becky Figueroa. I have enjoyed working with all of them and appreciated the opportunity that you have provided me to participate in the health care of your children. I will miss you all very much. Perhaps I will see some of you around town and please stop me to say “Hello”.

I wish all my patients and their parents the VERY BEST and GOOD HEALTH!

With warmest regards,
Richard H. Reznick, M.D. FAAP

Why Our Patients have Chosen Us for over 40 years

  • Personalized Care
  • We Provide a “Medical Home” for our Patients
  • Calls During Office Hours are Answered by a Person
  • Same-Day Appointments for Sick Patients
  • Free 1-on-1 Doctor Consultation for Expectant Parents
  • Most Patients Find us by Word-of-Mouth


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