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Here Comes Summer….

Make sure your children (and you) are ready. By: Richard H. Reznick, MD, FAAP Sun Protection Whether you remain in Arizona, or travel to other areas of our country, you should be careful when outdoors. The sun can cause serious acute and long-term problems. Many of...

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Flu Vaccine Update

Due to the removal of the nasal flumist vaccine from the market abruptly this year, Papago Buttes Pediatrics is already having trouble obtaining enough of our preferred vaccine this flu season. As of this week, we are no longer able to order the single dose units of...

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What’s Going Around?

Our triage department has decided to update "Current Health Topics" with illnesses for which we have been receiving a high call volume. We feel that this information will be a great resource for our patients and parents. Over the last few weeks we have been receiving...

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Safety Bulletin – Bees

With warmer weather approaching, bees and flying insects are becoming more active. Do you know how to reduce your risks of being stung by a bee or other stinging insect? Let's see how well you do on this quiz: True or False: To reduce the risk of being stung, you...

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Obesity Prevention

Four Main Strategies to Improve Health and Fitness of Our Children By now many people have heard of the new emphasis on child health and the reduction of childhood obesity that is being led by the First Lady of the United States. They have developed a campaign that is...

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Papago Buttes Pediatrics is Joining the Hi-Tech Generation

Not only did we redecorate our office this season we now are taking on the endeavor of becoming hi-tech. Our office is transitioning to EMR (electronic medical records). This will be a big change for us and want to do our best to uphold our level of customer service...

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Are Vaccines Safe?

Vaccination or immunization is one of the more important health maintenance services we provide for the children of Papago Buttes Pediatrics. Simply put, what vaccination does is educate your child's immune system to recognize and respond to harmful bacteria and...

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